2015 OC Half Marathon Pace Groups

The "A Snail's Pace Pace Team" will be returning as this year’s “official” 

 OC  Half Marathon Pace Team. 

Please check back closer to the 2015 event date for pace times and names. 

Here’s How It Works: 

Each Pace Leader will run even splits (every mile will be run in the same amount of time) throughout the race, and by following your Pace Team leader, you’ll cross the finish line within two minutes of your goal time.

Where to Meet on Race Day: 

On race morning you’ll see them lined up according to their pace and holding signs with their finish times. Just fall-in with your group.

2015 Half Marathon Pacers
Pace TimePacer Name
1:30Charlie Prokop
1:30Erik Tavera
1:35Karine Parry
1:35Phil Howard
1:40Kyle Martin
1:40Keith Gallagher
1:45Doug McKay
1:45Meri Smalstig
1:50Coleen Reinertson
1:50Lindsay Koeppen
1:55Chris Louie
1:55Sandra Wendler
2:00Adrian Mauricio
2:00Tim Cunningham
2:05Roberto Chavez
2:05Lindsay Williams
2:10Renee Baker
2:10Michael Ong
2:15Gabe Wu
2:15Oscar Huerta
2:20Jesus Rodriguez
2:20Dancoise Clayborn
2:25Lori Hansen
2:25Cindy Chiu
2:30Than Quan
2:30Susan Sternberg
2:40Michelle Loyola
2:40Linda Hammond
2:45Caroline Wong
2:45Robert Mignosa
2:50Laura Sohaskey
2:50Marina White
2:55Bob Norton
2:55Tammy Nash
3:00Than Duong
3:00Stirling Bowles