The U.S. Bank OC Marathon Schedule of Prizes and Age Division Awards

The U. S. Bank OC Marathon Schedule of Prizes and Age Division Awards

  • All Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K Finishers will receive a Finisher's Medal.
  • Age Division awards are given in the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.
  • The top 3 Male and Female finishers in the Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K age divisions (unless otherwise noted) will receive a commemorative OC Marathon Medal in the following age categories: 15&U (5K only), 14-15 (Half Marathon only), 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+ 

Prize money is awarded for the Full Marathon and Half Marathon for overall winners.



The U.S. Bank OC Marathon is currently evaluating it's cash prize categories and incentives and will post the detailed 2015 Prize Purse shortly.

Rules and Regulations


  • All prize purse awards are based only on gun time, not chip time.

  • Prize Purse and all age division winners must be officially registered in the race they are claiming the prize or award in.

  • USATF Rules of Competition - As an event sanctioned by USA Track and Field (USATF), the marathon, half marathon and 5k events will be conducted according to USATF Rules of Competition. The OC Marathon promotes a drug free environment to inspire true sport and encourage clean competition. All athletes who compete and participate in the OC Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K are subject to formal drug testing, in compliance with IAAF Rule 55 and USA Track and Field. Any athlete that tests positive for banned substances, or who refuses to take the drug test will be disqualified from the OC Marathon events and will be ineligible for any future events and loses their right to cash prizes and awards.

  • All Cal-Edge Athletes in the Marathon and Half Marathon prize purse winners must have CURRENT California resident government issued identification to be awarded cash award. Proof of residency will be required to claim cash award. Participant’s race registration must reflect California address.

  • Collegiate athletes are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the governing agency for which they participate. Acceptance of prize money may affect the participant’s eligibility as an amateur athlete for intercollegiate athletics.

  • Winners can qualify for more than one category, for example if you are a California resident who placed 1st overall you will also receive the cash award for both the California resident marathon winner and overall winner. 

  • Master finishers, marathon finishers and half marathon finishers who receive cash prizes are not eligible for age group awards.