2014 OC Marathon Pace Groups

The "A Snail's Pace Pace Team" will be returning as this year’s “official”  OC Marathon and Half Marathon  Pace Team.  

If you would like to know more about the pace team, check back as race day approaches, and we will have bios of the pacers at each pace time.  

Here’s How It Works: Each Pace Leader will run even splits (every mile will be run in the same amount of time) throughout the race, and by following your Pace Team leader, you’ll cross the finish line within two minutes of your goal time.

Where to Meet on Race Day: On race morning you’ll see them lined up according to their pace and holding signs with their finish times. Just fall-in with your group.

2014 OC Marathon Pacers
Pace TimePacer Name
3:05Glimber Ayala
3:20Ardy Azadgan
3:25Trevor Neeb
3:25Andrew Quinn
3:30Dave Schiller
3:35Andrew Calasanz
3:35Chris Rosario
3:40Mike Bertram
3:40Fernando Gonzalez
3:45Vanessa Kline
3:45Brian Ritschel
3:50Sam Yassen
4:00Stephen Kane
4:00Rob Harris
4:10Stacy Embertson
4:10Wayne Lee
4:20Robert Skelnar
4:30Eric Dangott
4:30Doug McKay
4:40Linda Price
4:40Julia Wu
4:50Javier Lopez
5:20Jiro Togashi
5:30Yen Darcy
5:30Bjorn Kampmannmedium